>About me

  • I am a Full Stack developer with a Scientific Research background.
    I am passionate about everything Science & Technology and I love free software: GNU/Linux (Devuan and Void) – (Neo)Vim editor.
    I believe that the Blockchain will change the world.
  • Jul 2019 to Feb 2020: Full Stack developer – Engine S.r.l. – Serre di Rapolano (SI).
    I Developed a cloud system to manage traffic cameras remotely: Celeritas Cloud.
    It will be deployed during 2020.
  • Sep 2018 to Feb 2019: System admin and Developer – Dimensione Solare S.r.l. – Notaresco (TE).
    I wrote an application to MiSE “Fabbrica intelligente” Funding: ASTRA – Advanced training system using Blockchain to certificate accomplishments and qualifications.
    It is under evaluation (achieved pre-funding stage so far).

>Qualification and training

  • 2017 Full stack developer course - Founders & Coders
  • 2015 C for Science course - Imperial College London
  • 2009 PhD Neuroscience - "Sapienza" University of Rome
  • 2005 BA and MSc Psychology - "Sapienza" University of Rome

>Interpersonal, planning and problem solving

>"Soft" skills<
  • Presentation of code, tech and related subjects and product pitches, both written and spoken.
  • Dissemination of research findings on international journals and conferences.
  • Managing, planning and reporting of my own work and that of supervised students within regular team and departmental meetings.
  • Management of internal and external collaborations.
  • Design and planning of novel experiments to overcome problems related to PhD and Scientific Research activities.
  • Management of Research funds.

Coding skills<

>Coding skills<
  • Javascript ES6, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • VUE.js, React, Redux, JQuery and Handlebars.
  • JavaEE and Spring Boot.
  • BEM, Bootstrap, Material Design
  • Node.js – Express.js, Hapi.js.
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Building tools: Webpack, Maven and Gradle.
  • Testing tools: QUnit, Tape, Cypress, JUnit, Jest, Codecov.
  • Deployment and CI: Heroku, Debian .deb packaging, Travis CI.
  • Shell (bash) scripting.
  • C and Arduino prototyping.
  • Python and Raspberry Pi prototyping.
  • R statistical analysis.
  • OpenSCAD (3D object design and printing).
  • FIJI/ImageJ2 Macro Language for microscopy image analysis & pattern recognition.
  • Vim text editor (vimL).
  • Spacemacs and Emacs (eLisp).
  • Git and Github.

IT and systems admininistration skills<

>IT/SysAdmin skills<
  • Gnu/Linux Operating System.
  • Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, CentOS and Devuan – Desktop and Server.
  • Remote and local Backup implementation and scheduling (rsync, LVM snapshots, [ana]cron, at).
  • Network analysis and reporting tools (nmap, netstat, netcat, tcpdump, SAR, wireshark).
  • VirtualBox and Qemu/KVM virtual machines.
  • Docker and LXC.
  • AWS.
  • Good knowledge of computer hardware and of IoT Electronics.